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RaceRunning turns 25 years

Added 14-08-2016

In 1991, the first RaceRunning athlete participated in a 5 kilometres race in Copenhagen. The development of the sport in the past 25 years has been amazing.


This summer it is 25 years ago that the world’s first RaceRunning athlete participated in race. In 1991, Mansoor Siddiqi – today the Head Coach of the national Danish RaceRunning Team – participated in Langelinieløbet in Copenhagen. For Siddiqi this was a race to remember:


- Langelinieløbet was a 5 k run in Copenhagen arranged primarily for abled athletes by running club Sparta. I remember that my shoes were almost completely worn down after this race. I was not used to running these distances back then.


Mansoor’s prototype RaceRunning bike was built from bicycle spare parts, the backrest of an office chair and some tubes from an old vacuum cleaner.


Since Langelinieløbet the sport of RaceRunning has developed into a rather amazing succes – and maybe most importantly: RaceRunning has become an international sport and even aspires to become a paralympic discipline.


Today there are approximately 500 RaceRunning athletes worldwide and every year a good share of these athletes are gathering in Copenhagen for RaceRunner’s Camp and Cup. At CPISRA Open European Championship in July in Copenhagen 82 Athletes from 11 different countries were represented.


Looking back at this development in the past 25 years, Siddiqi says:


- The whole dream of creating a sport for the most severely disabled has come true with RaceRunning. Also at the elite level, we now have a new sport for the most severely disabled. Moreover, it is even possible that RaceRunning will become a paralympic discipline in the near future.

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