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19th. RaceRunners  Camp & Cup - 12.-19. July 2015

12th - 19th July 2015 Frederiksberg Handicap Sports Club, National Paralympic Committee Denmark and CPISRA stages the 19th International RaceRunners Camp & Cup. We would like to invite all RaceRunners, coaches and organisational officials, who are interested in the sport of RaceRunning.


Because of the great attendance in 2014 and because there are limits at the Stadium, it may be necessary to introduce participants quotes, see Second Entry.


During the week track events will also take place, focusing on development of RaceRunning, based on our knowledge about disabilities and results related to training.


During the week RaceRunners, coaches and organisations will benefit through:

  • Participation in the International Cup July 17th - 18th 2015.
  • Sharing and developing knowledge about training, equipment and disabilities.
  • Sharing the joy of practicing with other RaceRunners from different countries.
  • Strengthening friendships and the contact within the sport of RaceRunning and athletics.
  • Participating in several social & cultural events as well as seeing parts of Copenhagen.

In 2015 it will be possible to participate in - and sign up for - the RaceRunners Camp & Cup in four different ways:

  1. Participation in the whole of the 19th International RaceRunners Camp & Cup, including accommodation at Tre Falke Skolen (in the class rooms, up to 6 persons per class room). Transport from and to airport included. Fee: 2.300 DKK.

  2. Participation in the whole of the 19th International RaceRunners Camp & Cup, including accommodation at the Sports Hotel, single or double room.
    Transport from and to airport included. Fee single room: 5.750 DKK. Fee double room: 5.200 DKK. (each person)

  3. Participation in the whole of the 19th. International RaceRunners Camp & Cup, without accommodation, transport and breakfast. Only lunch and dinner included (and final party). Fee: 1.400 DKK.

  4. Participation in the 19th International RaceRunners Cup, July 17th - 18th. July. Fee: 350 DKK.
    If the athlete wishes to participate in the Cup only, he or she needs too have been internationally classified in advance. The athlete will take care of accommodation and transport himself/herself. Lunch on both competition days included.

Signing up
Deadline for Second Entry is on the 1st. May 2015. All countrys that have signed up for first entry have received an email with a quota, a username and a password. If possible, we would like to have information about Your transport before 1st of May. If not, these information will be gathered with Third Entry.


Third Entry

Time of arrival and departure (including flight nr.) must be submitted. Online on www.RaceRunning.org from the May 20th Deadline June 5th 2015.


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