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The Tre Falke School is located at Sønderjyllands Allé 4, 2000 Frederiksberg. The accommodation here will be in large classrooms with foldable beds, 4-6 persons per room. A few hospital beds and box mattress beds are reserved for those in particular need of these. This will be an option available in the second entry form.


The school is fully accessible by wheelchair and there are many standard toilets and three toilets for the disabled. Shower facilities and restrooms that are more accessible are at the stadium 100m away. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at the school. All meals include beverages.


We also offer an alternative accommodation at Scandic Sydhavn - providing single and double rooms. The total fee (incl. the entry fee, the room and catering expenses) for a single room is DKK 8.000,00 and for double room DKK 5.800,00 (per person) for the entire period.


Note: If you want to book one extra night due to certain flight times, it is possible for an extra charge of DKK 800,00 per night for a single room, and DKK 450, for a double room (per person) or DKK 900,00 (alone)


Note: Double rooms are made available only for those requiring constant assistance by their personal assistants.

If you want to book one extra night at the Tre Falke School before July 9th there will be an extra charge of DKK 200,00. You must arrange for meals yourself for this extra day. 


Training Venue

The stadium is right next to the school. The address is:

Frederiksberg Idrætspark

Sønderjyllands Allé 6

DK-2000 Frederiksberg





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