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General Information


Team manager meeting – Every day 12:45 – 13:15!

This meeting is very essential for the good communication throughout the camp. Therefore, it is important that all the team managers are present at this meeting. The meeting is held every morning at the camp secretariat (see map).


Check In

All participants must announce their arrival to the door guard at the Tre Falke School. Here, you receive a welcome package, which includes camp merchandise, ID card and necessary information.


No Smoking at the camp

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the camp area, neither indoors or outdoors.


Safety lockers for valuables

It is possible to get a safety locker, however there is only 40 lockers, so not everybody can get a locker. Codes for the lockers are inquired by the door guard.


Guidelines for photography and filming at the camp

We are happy that there are so many who like to take pictures and films during the camp. We see it as a very valuable thing in that many are helping in documenting the development of RaceRunning. When filming and taking pictures during the camp we encourage you to highlight the sporting activity rather than participants’ disabilities.


RaceRunner Storage

Please place the RaceRunner bikes in the depot (see map)


Disposable Tableware

This year we use disposable tableware throughout the camp. So please bring your own tableware, if you have special needs.


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RaceRunning Camp & Cup 2020 - DK

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