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Before the event – important approvals


Approval of personal start assistance

– Application deadline Tuesday the 11th July

As the competition shall meet the IPC’s Athletics Rules the athletes do not have the right to receive assistance on the track. However, we are introducing the possibility of applying for approval to receive personal start assistance.


In basic terms we follow the same rules as athletes in Sport Classes F31-33 and F51-54, that allow athletes with high dependency to recieve assistance on the track, on the note that the assistants may only act as practical helpers and not give any sporting advice or other training-related guidance.


To ensure that all guidelines are met, all personal start helpers need approval, before they will be allowed on the track.


To get the necessary approval, the assistant must apply with the official formula (can be obtained from your team manager). Deadline for the application is Tuesday July 11th.


Guidelines for assistants on the track

  • One assistant per athlete per event will be allowed to assist the athlete on the track under the control and supervision of the Officials, to ensure that the athlete is comfortably prepared at the startline.
  • The assistant must withdraw from the competition area once they have completed the tasks and must follow any directives from officials of the event while they are in the competition area. 
  • The assistants can only act as practical helpers

    - When on the track, only perform the specific assistance task

    - No sporting advise

    - No training-related guidance

    - No cheering or other shouting

    - No disturbing the other participants


    Technical requirements for the RaceRunner bicycle – Check and approval Wednesday the 12th of july at 13:30 – 15:30

    To participate in the competition your RaceRunner bicycle shall meet the technical requirements as defined in the CPISRA’s RaceRunner rules. Wednesday the 12th of July between 13:30 – 15:30 at the stadium, all RaceRunner bicycles will be measured for approval. When a bicycle is approved, it will be equipped with an authentication mark. The camp secretariat’s technical managers carry out the measurement.


    Requirements: The frame has two rear wheels and one front wheel. The RaceRunner bicycle has a maximum length of 200 cm and a maximum width of 95 cm (measured between the outer sides of the two wheels). No part of the RaceRunner bicycle frame including saddle and handlebars must go further than the front wheel hub and be wider than the gap between the two rear wheels measured between the hubs.

    No part of the RaceRunner bicycle may extend further back than the rear portion of the rear wheels. The diameter of each wheel including the inflated tire shall not exceed 72 cm.


    Special rule for 2-lanes Athletes

    The organizing committee has decided to make a special rule that hopefully will give beginners, that have a hard time staying in their own lane, a chance to advance to the next round/final.


    On Monday, the 10th of July, the respective Team Managers shall point out those athletes that cannot stay in their own lane and therefore can be a risk to the other competitors. These athletes will be tagged "2-lanes athletes" (2LA) in the event terminology and be given two lanes each.


    In the preliminary heats, the 2LA will get two lanes each at their disposition and have the possibility of advancing according to the IPC Athletics rules and regulations, with the following exceptions:


    • If more than one 2LA qualify to the final, only the 2LA with the best time will advance.
    • 2LA will in the final only get one lane at disposition, but will only get disqualified if they are a nuisance to the other competitors.


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