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Event Regulations


This year there will be three types of events:


  • The World Championships of RaceRunning 
  • RaceRunners Open Cup
  • Junior Cup


The requirements for participating in the the World Championships of RaceRunning are that the athlete is classified as either RR1, RR2 or RR3 and is at least 14 years old. Athletes from the classification classes RR4 and RR1-A and athletes with other disabilities can participate in RaceRunners Open Cup and athletes who are under the age of 14 can participate in the Junior Cup.


To optimize the conduction of the races, the organizing committee reserves the right to mix the runners from different classes and age groups in one heat.


IPC’s athletic rules and regulations

The event follows IPC’s athletic rules and regulations, which can be read here: https://www.paralympic.org/athletics/events/rules-and-regulations

A Danish version of the rules can be found on www.racerunning.dk


Age groups

You have the age that you turn in the year of the competition. This means that even if you turn 14 years, e.g. two weeks after the event, you will be considered 14 years at the event!


  • U12 10-11 year
  • U14 12-13 year
  • U16 14-15 year
  • Senior 14+


If the athlete is 14+, it is optional whether he/she will run in the U16 group or the senior group.


Additional rule regarding the group of athletes defined as RR1-A

RR1-A is an open class for the small group of athletes, that belongs to the RR1 class, but who is absolutely depending on assistance during the race. Athletes in RR1-A are as the only athletes allowed to receive assistance on the other side of the starting line, but only with intermittent hands-on steering aid, to keep pace and track throughout the race and with following guidelines in mind:


During the race

  • The principle of as little guidance as possible shall be followed. Therefore, con tinuous contact by the assistant on the bike or the athlete is not allowed.
  • The assistant shall preferably be positioned on the left side of the athlete.
  • Steering aid is only allowed intermittently and with a short push backwards

on the handlebar to correct for lateral drift into adjacent lanes.


At the finish line

  • The assistant cannot cross the finish line with the athlete, since this will disturb the photo finish.
  • The assistant should stop 3 meters before the finish line (marked with a sport cone) and let the athletes pass alone. There are officials to receive the athlete on the other side of the line.
  • The assistant should stay on the track until all athletes have finished, only then he or she can cross the finish line or leave the track.

General guidelines for assistants on the track

  • The assistants can only act as practical helpers
  • When on the track, only perform the specific assistance task
  • No sporting advises
  • No training-related guidance
  • No cheering or other shouting
  • No disturbing the other participants


Violation on these guidelines can result in disqualification

Any athlete giving or receiving non-acceptable assistance that is not obeying the above describes guidelines shall be warned by the Referee and advised that, if there is any repetition, he will be disqualified from that event. If an athlete is subsequently disqualified from the event, any performance accomplished up to that time in the same round of that event shall not be considered valid. However, performances accomplished in a previous round of that event shall be considered valid. 


Protest rules

All protests in connection with the races must be submitted in writing to the event secretariat manager, maximum 30 minutes after the result of the specific races is published. The country’s team manager must submit the protest. A protest fee of 200 € (1,500 DK-KR) should be paid when the protest is submitted. The protest fee will be refunded, if the Jury of Appeal favors the protest.


Medal distribution

In the World Championships of RaceRunning and RaceRunners Open Cup, medal distribution takes place as follows: There should be at least two runners in a competition in same RR-class to release gold medal, at least three runners to release silver and at least four runners to release bronze. In the Junior Cup the medal distribution takes place so that there will be medals awarded regardless of the number of participants.


Guidelines for photography and filming during the event

If you wish to enter the track to take pictures and films, you need an approval. You must apply for approval from the Camp Secretariat, the day before you will be filming. When approved you will be provided with a pullover jersey, which you should always wear when you are on the track. Moreover, you should be aware of these precautions:


  • Show respect for all athletes and officials
  • It is forbidden to be on the track when the race is in progress
  • Applauding, heckling and shouting are forbidden, when one is on the track.
  • Photography at the finish line must be done from outside the fence.
  • When photographing from the inner circle, do not go in the way of the event’s officials.
  • One should, under no circumstances, stand in way of the photo finish camera.
  • If you have received permission to take pictures from a vehicle on the track, you must drive at least 10 meters in front of the leading runner.


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