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Event Officials


Event Secretariat

The Event Secretariat is responsible for the handling of results, cancellations and protests. Cancellations and protests should be reported to the Event Secretariat Manager.


  •  Event Secretariat Manager: Emil Jensen
  •  Statistician: Alec Burton
  •  Manager of medal & Diploma distribution: Susanne Ladefoged
  •  Speaker: Connie Hansen, Tormod Holm  

List of referees

Chief of race: Peter Kromann

Chief of race has overall responsibility for conducting the races. The Chief of race ensures that all judges are ready before each race starts.


Call room judge: Silje Toldam, Henriette Ladefoged, Jens Lilliendal Sørensen, Mariam Akil, Xie Mo.

The Call room judge and his assistants are responsible for preparing the athletes before each race.


Starter: Knud Erik Pedersen, Per Kofoed Mortensen, Mick Thisted

The starter is responsible for starting each race correctly and to watch out for false starts.


Cheif Timekeeper: Erik and Frank Olesen from Team Danmark’s El-tids team

Line judges: Susanne Kromann, Edith Hansen, Annemarie Jensen, Ninna Theil Hansen


Finish line assistants: Flemming Mortensen, Birthe Niebe

The Finish line assistant helps athletes off the track when everyone has completed the race.


Jury of Appeal: Leif, René and Mansoor

Jury of appeal function is to determine the judgment in connection with protests.


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