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The assistants tasks during training


As an assistant, you are an indispensable part of the camp’s resources, that goes for both your social activities and for the practical tasks you solve. To make everything run smoothly and to make sure that everybody get’s the most from both training and the social activities, we would like to point to a few things that you should pay extraordinary attention to:


All athletes are divided into different training groups. These groups will be training 1 to 2 times a day after. The training is based on a training program which will be distributed to everyone.


Each training group has a coach who is responsible for training being completed. Being a personal assistant, you are expected to help this coach completing his/ her tasks.


Specific tasks where you can assist:

  •  Make sure that the athlete is ready ten minutes before training starts.
  • Make sure that the athlete is in the right lane, as noted in the training program.
  • Be aware of any problem - especially regarding first-time participants, and be helpful with the adjustment of support plate and the bicycle in cooperation with the coach.
  • Help with stretching exercises so that the athlete is stretched out well.
  • Ensure that the athlete gets enough water.
  • Everyone should be aware of schedules and so forth and make sure to attend training and meals on time.
  • Be helpful towards the co-operation between coaches and athletes, regarding the completion of the training. For instance; Assist with time measurement, setting of cones or anything else.

In addition, please pay attention towards:

  • Sleep! Make sure that the athlete gets all the rest he/she can get. Go to bed as early as possible in order to be ready for next day’s challenges. Fatigue makes exercising less fun and reduces the desire to fight!
  • Check the skin of the athlete’s crotch area. It should be kept clean and dry. If necessary, use: Anti Friction Dermo Crème, for instance, Champois Crème, before training, and use Helosan ointment for the evening. If the accident occurs, use Fuscidin or Chlorhexidine ointment on the redness and skin marks. Note: The athlete should not be running, if red mark or wounds "stays". 
  • Make sure that everybody wait with partying, until the final party. For instance, we recommend that we have "peace and silence" by 24.00 - and that alco hol is only enjoyed in moderate amounts so we are all fresh the next day.


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