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International RaceRunning forum


To strengthen the development of RaceRunning internationally, CPISRA’s RaceRunning committee take advantage of the fact that there is so many nationalities gathered at the camp.


We facilitate two development meetings and a seminar for coaches, aiming to share experiences, knowledge and ambitions across borders.

So if you wish to be a part of the RaceRunning development on an international level, we encourage you to participate in these arrangements.


All the arrangements will be in English.


  • International development meeting for Team Managers and one athlete from each country – Monday 10th July at 19:30-21:00 in the Club house.
  • International development meeting for all athletes – Wednesday 12th July at 20:00-21:30 in the gym hall CPISRA’s RaceRunning committee invites all athletes to come for this mee-ting to share their experiences and wishes connected to their future in RaceRunning.
  • Inspirational seminar for coaches by Leif Nielsen – Tuesday 11th July at 19:30 – 21:30 in the clubhouse Coach for the Danish National Team, Leif Nielsen, go trough the newly devel oped Danish Training Manual.

This seminar is for all coaches that seek some inspiration for their training.


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