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Research Programs


Research I - Developing RaceRunning to a Paralympics event

During the Camp, researchers from Edinburgh University will be undertaking research relating to RaceRunning becoming a Paralympic athletics event. The research will be conducted in parallel to the ordinary camp-program.


More information

An information sheet that explains the details about the research and describes how you can participate, is sent out to all the team leaders together with this Team Guide. The same sheet is also found in your personal welcome package.


Research II – Nutrition research for athletes with Cerebral Palsy

Christian Lindgren Nielsen, that studies nutrition and health in sports, is currently developing a sports nutrition resource for athletes with a disability, including people with cerebral palsy. During the camp he will conduct a research, with a number of questions for RaceRunning athletes with cerebral palsy about their thoughts, experiences and possible concerns regarding diet and nutrition.


The aim with this research is to formulate the best possible nutritional guidelines. The end product will contain all the knowledge and practical tools you as athletes may need when it comes to optimizing your performance, recovery and generel well-being during competition as well as training and everyday life.


Participation is highly appreciated

Some athletes will be asked to participate in the research program. Any individual participation will be for a short period of time only. We hope you will support this research as it is very important for the future of RaceRunning.


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