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UNO Tournament – Tuesday july 11th


This year we arrange a tournament in the card game UNO. The tournament held Tuesday evening July 11th


Sign up

To sign up for the tournament contact Nadja Eun Joo before lunch Tuesday July 12th



The deck of cards has four different colours: Red, green, blue and yellow. Each colour consists of the numbers 0 through 9. Each colour also contains some special cards:

  • "Skipping the next play"-card = the next player looses his/her turn
  • "Pick up 2 cards"-card = the next player must pick up 2 cards and loses his/her turn
  • "Change of direction"-card = The game shifts from clockwise to counter-clockwise – or the other way around. With only two players left this card equals a "Skipping the next play"-card.

The two black joker cards

  • "pick a new colour" = The player chooses a new colour
  • "pick a new colour + pick up 4 cards" = The player chooses a new colour and the next player is to pick up 4 cards.

The cards may be played in the following ways

  • If the player is able to match either the colour or the number on the card in the stack. Or if he/she has a special card to play.
  • If the player holds e.g. 3 cards with the number 8 in different colours he/she may play all three cards at the same time as long as the colour or number of the first card matches the card in the stack.
  • If a player plays 2 "Change of direction"-cards at the same time there will be no change in direction.
  • If a player plays a "Pick up 2 cards"-card the next player is to pick up the cards unless this player also has this card – then the next player again is to pick up all 4 cards (this also goes for the "pick a new colour + pick up 4 cards"-cards). The last player without this specific card is to pick up all cards accumulated.

At the beginning of the game all players are being dealt 7 cards, the rest of the cards are being placed at the middle of the table and the first card from the deck is being turned. This card cannot be a special card.

The youngest player begin the first round. In the next rounds the looser of the previous game begin. If a player is not able to play a card a new card must be picked up from the stack. This card may be played or kept.

A player may choose to pick a card from the stack even if he/she has a card to play. But only a card just picked may be played right away. After having played a card or picked up a card the next player is up.

When a player has only one card left he/she must say "UNO" out loud. If the player forgets another player may force this player to pick up two penalty cards. If nobody notices there will be no penalty. There is no penalty for erroneously

saying that somebody has forgot to say UNO.


The game ends with a player having played all his/her cards. This player wins the round.


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