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Frontpage - RaceRunning - Coaches manualThis RaceRunning manual is a tool for coaches, parents and others

who are coaching para athletes and want to plan a well-structured

and diverse RaceRunning training.


RaceRunning is one of the fastest growing para athletics disciplines

and one of only few sports for the most severely disabled and athletes with an impaired balance. It is our hope that this manual will inspire coaches and athletes and provide them with some fundamental know-how about training and para athletics in general and about RaceRunning specifically.


With this manual new RaceRunning clubs and countries will not have to start from scratch. They will be able to draw on the knowledge gathered by experienced RaceRunning coaches and athletes for more than 20 years. In this way the Coaches’ Manual might help the sport of RaceRunning to become even more popular on an international basis and give the most severely disabled athletes an opportunity to compete on a high international level.


The Coaches’ Manual might be read from a to z as a coherent

manual for RaceRunning track training. But it might also be used as

a work of reference in order for the coach to pick and choose the

specific training elements needed. In this way the coach can ensure

that the training programme suits the individual athlete perfectly.


The manual is the first of it’s kind and it is therefor to be considered

a pioneer’s work by the Danish authors.


We hope that this manual will inspire you to develop your Race-

Running training to the benefit of the RaceRunning athletes in your



Mansoor Siddiqi

Head Coach of the national

Danish RaceRunning Team


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